Insights: News Data, Data Everywhere | Craig Cannon and His Team Attempt to Make E-Discovery More Manageable

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E-discovery is a major upgrade from the days of printing and photocopying documents—“the needle in a haystack” approach, says Craig Cannon of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton—but the sheer amount of discoverable data now makes for one heck of a haystack.

“Some of the largest cases Kilpatrick handles have 20-plus terabytes of data associated with them,” Cannon says. “Estimates have placed the size of the Library of Congress at 15 terabytes.”

That’s why Cannon and his team developed LitSmart, an e-discovery platform. The proprietary tech featured in LitSmart helps integrate the work of data analysts and e-discovery attorneys. The tool is backed by a support group that includes 15 technically trained project managers, analysts and database administrators who help with coding.

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