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721 Depot Drive Anchorage, AK USA 99501

Alaska’s abundance of natural resources and competitive business arena makes it an attractive venue for economic growth. Primarily concentrating on complex commercial litigation and Native American affairs, Kilpatrick Townsend brings more than three decades supporting Alaskan clients and clients doing business in Alaska.

Our resident office supports Alaskan-based and other U.S.-based clients doing business throughout the state — from the urban center of Anchorage to the remote reaches of the Aleutian chain — and across many industries, including health insurance, oil and gas, and fishing, among others. Our complex commercial litigation practice focuses on complex commercial and business litigation, health care, insurance recovery, antitrust, and trade litigation, having secured favorable outcomes at trial in state and federal courts, on appeal, and in administrative hearings. Our nationally-recognized Native American practice offers specialized legal and government relations services to tribes and tribal corporations involving contract disputes, government investigations and white collar litigation, subsistence fishing, and land acquisition. If you need further information, please reach out to Gwendolyn C. Payton.

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