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Pro BonoUnited For Justice

Pro bono legal services make a transformative impact on our communities, employees, and our business clients. Kilpatrick honors the legal profession’s responsibility to serve individuals and organizations that ordinarily cannot afford representation even when basic rights and interests are at stake. We believe in a legal system that works for everyone, regardless of economic or social status. Our efforts to close the justice gap provide an excellent platform for our attorneys to develop their legal skills and engage with clients we might not otherwise encounter, making us better attorneys in the process.


Longtime Commitment

Established in 2001, our pro bono program focuses on several areas believed to have the greatest positive impact on society and on individuals, including:

  • Children’s Well-Being & Education
  • Homelessness & Poverty
  • Civil Rights & Criminal Justice
  • Immigration & Human Rights
  • Domestic Violence
  • Advocacy for Veterans
  • Sustainability & Innovation
  • Nonprofit Organizational Support 

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Tailored Approach

Led by a dedicated, full-time pro bono partner, Kilpatrick’s pro bono program leverages our world-class experience in intellectual property, litigation, and corporate law to best serve our communities. We actively forge pro bono collaborations with firm clients, such as Delta Airlines and Clorox, and nonprofit legal organizations in all U.S. offices, recognizing each community’s unique legal needs. Through our participation in already-existing pro bono programs or by actively co-developing new programs tailored to a specific legal need, we have improved the lives of many, while periodically establishing new precedents and triggering headline news.


Obtained release of an Iraqi refugee detained at Kennedy International Airport in response to the President’s executive order broadly restricting refugees and immigrants.

Won asylum for Ethiopian land rights activist who was imprisoned and tortured for his political activism.

Negotiated favorable settlement for 17 tenants subjected to uninhabitable living conditions in a multifamily rental property in a blighted area of Los Angeles.

Secured loan for a very large nonprofit organization in Atlanta that addresses hunger and poverty.

Maintained trademark portfolios for CARE International and Habitat for Humanity International.

Negotiated settlement for transgender individual denied medical treatment on the basis of her gender.

Won landmark victory for members of Oklahoma Kiowa Tribe in dispute with gas pipeline.

Successfully defended disabled veteran in Texas child support dispute, where he paid double for many years and did not receive any payment credit.

Prevented expulsion of learning-disabled high school student and secured appropriate supportive services to keep her in school.

Filed amicus brief in litigation involving falsification of crime lab results that affected more than 40,000 convictions in Massachusetts.

Primary Contacts

Tamara Serwer Caldas

Pro Bono Partner

Atlanta, GA