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Force for Good
        Supporting Our KT Communities and Colleagues

        We understand the transformative impact our firm can have on our communities, our employees, and our
        clients. Our commitment to active citizenship enables all team members to drive positive change in the
        areas of community leadership, diversity and inclusion, philanthropy, pro bono, and volunteerism, while
        advancing firm values and fostering corporate, nonprofit, and school partnerships.

                                                                                        In 2021, more than 60
          Hundreds of attorneys and staff                                           attorneys and staff supported
          committed thousands of hours               641,000+ hours                   legal clinics for distressed
           to addressing blind spots and          dedicated to pro bono              small businesses during the
              fostering inclusiveness.              service since 2001                   COVID-19 pandemic

             KTS Employee Financial
                Support Fund is an                    5.091 students                 Recognized in 2021 for our
         independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit              participated in                diversity efforts by the legal
             that supports colleagues             educational programs                     department of a
              experiencing hardship                with KTS volunteers                  Fortune 100 company

                                                  KTS attorneys and staff
            Provided 283,390 meals              volunteered 9,166 hours to            Lawyers of Color Aspire
            to fight food insecurity            support educational equity,            Diversity Award winner
                                               economic opportunities, and
                                                   resilient communities
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