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As federal and state laws governing employee benefit and retirement plans under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) grow more complex, it is critical for companies to have highly-experienced counsel with the legal know-how to strategically navigate this complicated set of laws. To keep our clients informed of the latest developments and news, Kilpatrick Townsend’s ERISA Blog offers practical legal and regulatory insights on all aspects of employee benefits design and administration, including transactional due diligence, fiduciary liability, tax issues, compliance, insurance, governmental investigations and inquiries, litigation options, HIPAA, and data privacy.

Our Employee Benefits Team brings decades of experience developing, implementing, and protecting sophisticated employee benefits plans for Fortune 100 companies, benefits and investment committees, and individual executives serving as fiduciaries. Our practice has three distinct areas — retirement plans, health and welfare plans, and executive compensation. We also have a strong transactional practice advising small companies up to Fortune 50 corporations on the benefits aspects in mergers and acquisitions.

Our retirement plan practice began prior to the passage of ERISA with traditional defined benefit plans. Today, we advise employers regarding traditional defined benefit plans and pension equalization plans, as well as 401Ks and other account-based plans that includes design, compliance, investment management, and fiduciary aspects.

Our executive compensation practice includes advising employers regarding nonqualified deferred compensation programs, ESOPs, stock-based compensation, and stock option plans. We also have advised numerous executives regarding the structure of their executive employment agreements.

Our health and welfare practice includes all aspects of health plan design and compliance, including designing the first-ever smoking cessation and wellness program and the first private exchange for retirees. More recently we have worked with a number of large employers regarding disease management programs, value based care, telemedicine, and direct provider contracting arrangements. In addition to health plans, we also counsel clients on short-term disability, long-term disability, and applicable funding arrangements. We have designed programs that seamlessly integrate disability with state and employer-provided paid family leave programs and state paid leave programs. We have also designed employer-provided lifestyle benefits, including adoption assistance programs, paid family leave programs, tuition assistance programs, and student loan programs.  

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