Generative AI Harnessing Change

Generative AI focuses on generating new, original content or data rather than solely analyzing or classifying existing information. Unlike traditional AI systems that are designed for specific tasks, generative AI models are trained to learn patterns and generate new output that resembles the data they were trained on. These models are capable of creating a wide range of outputs, such as images, text, music, and even videos. This rapidly evolving technology has numerous applications across various fields and raises many legal issues.

Kilpatrick has formed a multidisciplinary team to monitor and proactively address risks related to generative AI. Comprised of backgrounds in intellectual property, privacy, commercial transactions, and dispute resolution, the team collaborates to offer lessons learned through experience with these issues and generally deepen their understanding of the technology and types of risks that companies face. We partner with our clients to tackle their most pressing concerns and challenges to achieve results in line with overall business strategy and goals.

Focus Areas

  • Commercial Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Governance
  • Employment
  • Licensing, Transactions & Monetization
  • Litigation
  • Patents
  • Regulatory
  • Trade Secret
  • Transactional Due Diligence
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