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To honor Hispanic Heritage Month, we are celebrating by sharing stories of hope. Matias Ferrario is a partner in the Winston-Salem office. His practice focuses on patent litigation and counseling. Here’s his story.  

My family is from Argentina. My parents immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1966 following my father’s graduation from medical school. My siblings and I were born here in the U.S., so we are first generation Americans. 
Many Americans may not realize it, but Argentina has a very diverse culture. Many Argentinians have European roots and retain their European customs and languages. Argentina also has a large Jewish population. And more recently, Argentina has had many immigrants from other regional South American countries, which have their own unique culture. The country of Argentina has varied climate and geography, with mountains, the sea, high desert plains, and of course, the Patagonia. It’s a beautiful country. 

My heritage has given me many passions, one of which is a lifelong love of the soccer (futbol) culture, which I am glad to see is growing in the U.S. I am also very fond of the traditional asado, much like a BBQ, celebrated with grilling meats and spending time with family. 

One of my favorite childhood memories is celebrating Reyes Magos (Three Kings) in January. Every year, I would leave my shoes outside my bedroom door the night before Reyes Magos and in the morning, I would get gifts. It’s pretty simple and it always felt like a “bonus” Christmas that none of my friends or neighbors experienced.

I am glad to see Kilpatrick Townsend recognize Hispanic Heritage Month as it brings an opportunity to learn and celebrate the diversity within the Hispanic culture. This year’s theme for Hispanic Heritage Month is about hope/esperanza. What gives me hope is the continued attention to the world’s problems and the hope that advancements in technology and economic development will help solve those challenges.

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 | Matias Ferrario

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