Cross Border Transactions Controlling Chaos

Multiple legal systems, complex bureaucracies, volatile political climates, and cultural differences make cross-border transactions among the most challenging areas of law. Kilpatrick Townsend counsels multinational, as well as small- and medium-sized companies engaging in international trade, investment, manufacturing, and finance. We assist in developing binding investment structures, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, and establishing dependable and efficient mechanisms for dispute resolution.


Legal Translation

We provide legal services related not only to mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, but also to international financing and securities offerings, cross-border technology transfers and sales of goods, international franchising agreements, structuring and conducting multinational operations, and employment. Our team addresses regulatory and legislative considerations, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection, export licensing, anti-dumping, countervailing duty, and escape clause matters. Outside the U.S., our offices assist clients with cross-border lending, trade transactions, and acquisitions, as well as interest rate and currency exchange transactions.



Our attorneys in Asia, Europe, and Latin America possess diverse legal and linguistic diversity to assist clients in successfully entering established and emerging markets outside the U.S. We help structure local relationships through commercial contracts, joint ventures, or other strategic alliances; effectively execute cross-border acquisitions; protect intellectual property; and navigate international tax planning issues.

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