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Owning and curating an art collection is a substantial—and highly personal—investment. At Kilpatrick, our Art Law practice combines legal expertise and an appreciation for the arts. Our team understands that your collection should not only be protected, but also positioned to flourish. Whether it's navigating complex acquisitions, managing estate planning for your pieces, or resolving art-related disputes, our goal is to enhance the intrinsic and financial value of your collection, safeguarding your legacy within the world of art history.


We cater to a wide array of clients within the art world, from individual collectors and family estates to philanthropic entities and cultural foundations. Our services are comprehensive, encompassing every facet of art law from provenance research and authenticity verification to copyright and intellectual property protection. Collaborating with a network of art historians, appraisers, and conservation experts, we ensure that our counsel is informed and tailored to the unique aspects of your collection.


Our approach includes a blend of strategic legal counsel, sophisticated tax experience, and a deep respect for the arts. Through due diligence, strategic planning, and discreet negotiation, we manage the complexities of the art market on your behalf.



Positioning a collection: Provenance, cataloging, exhibiting, and publishing

Succession matters: Family considerations, tax-efficient planning, and legacy planning

Disposition issues: Loaning, selling, donating, and gifting

Charitable foundation planning: Strategic opportunities for family foundations and private museums



Tax and philanthropic estate planning

Trust and charitable and family foundation planning

Disposition services, including museum and non-profit gifts and donations, auction houses, private dealers, galleries and private sales

Protection of a collection’s value by addressing issues of provenance, title, and authenticity

Confidential philanthropic advocacy

Non-profit relationship management with local and worldwide museums and institutions

Full collaboration with existing art advisors, financial and tax specialists, accountants, attorneys, brokers and dealers

Philanthropic PR services, including the protection of client and family privacy, enhancement of a collection’s profile and multi-generational legacy strategy and planning

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