Asset Protection Safeguarding Your Assets

In a world where the unexpected is the only certainty, safeguarding your assets is a necessity, not just a strategy. At Kilpatrick, we are dedicated to fortifying your financial legacy against the unpredictable twists of life. Our asset protection services are designed to shield your wealth from potential threats such as taxation, litigation, family disputes, creditors and other unforeseen challenges. Our commitment is to minimize the impact of these pressures on your assets and personal life, ensuring that your hard-earned wealth remains intact and in your control.


Our legal expertise spans a comprehensive array of protective measures. From crafting cohesive, dynamic, complex trusts to aligning insurance coverage with your unique needs, from meticulous estate planning to the strategic organization of your investments and business interests, we ensure every aspect of your wealth is safeguarded. Our attorneys leverage their deep understanding of the legal landscape to offer robust protection that adapts to the complexities of your financial portfolio.


We take the time to understand your story. We learn your preferences and objectives to create forward-thinking strategies that not only secure your assets today, but also anticipate and neutralize future threats. Through meticulous planning and strategic asset organization, we establish resilient structures designed to preserve your wealth and provide you with peace of mind, ensuring your legacy endures for generations to come.


Areas of Focus

Domestic and foreign structures

Pre-marital and pre-divorce planning

Business structuring

Special needs and disability planning

Insurance planning

Integration with income tax planning

Integration with estate plan

Coordination and team approach with other integral advisors

Offshore planning

Domestic asset protection trusts

Real estate titling

LLC’s and other limited liability entities

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