Closely Held Business Planning Navigating the Intricacies

As a business owner, you wear many hats. Navigating the intricacies of your business demands a blend of personal involvement and strategic foresight. At Kilpatrick, we mirror this ethos in the business and legal counsel we provide, tailoring our services to the unique dynamics of your enterprise. Our approach is holistic, merging your business ambitions with your personal aspirations to forge a unified, actionable strategy. Whether you're at the helm of an emerging startup, preparing to sell or buy, or guiding a well-established entity, our commitment is to offer insightful, cost-effective and economical advice.


Our expertise extends through the entire spectrum of business planning and succession. Understanding the significance of passing your business legacy to the next generation, we offer nuanced guidance on every aspect of business continuity and transition. Our services encompass a wide range of strategies designed to ensure the health of your business while aligning with your long-term vision. From preserving the business's essence to optimizing its value for future stewards, our goal is to ensure a seamless transition that honors your life's work.


Our advisory process is characterized by its adaptability and depth, supporting you through every phase of your business's lifecycle. From the foundational decisions of business structure and financial planning to the complexities of corporate governance and tax efficiency, we are your steadfast partners. Our strategies are not just about safeguarding the present but are aimed at nurturing the growth and sustainability of your business. By integrating advanced estate planning techniques with business strategy, we ensure that the integrity and value of your business are protected, paving the way for a legacy that transcends generations.


Areas of Focus:

Business structuring

Coordination of business needs

Mergers, acquisitions, dispositions

Integration with income tax planning

Insurance planning

Shareholder and operating agreements

Transference of values

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