Insights: Perspectives International Women's Day 2022 | Stephanie Sanders

Throughout my career, I unfortunately experienced a number of situations where I was told—outright or by implication—that I could not achieve the same level of success as my male peers.  As an undergraduate engineering student, a professor wrote on one of my tests, “good for a girl.” My senior project advisor informed the rest of my team (all male students) and our client (male engineers from a large defense contractor) that it was good I was on the team so that we had a “secretary.”

Although I did not consciously let these comments slow me down, they certainly contributed to a serious case of impostor syndrome that plagued me throughout my undergraduate and law school studies and well into my legal career. It took more than 15 years, and finding my place in legal operations, for me to finally believe that I was successful because of my smarts and hard work; my gender had nothing to do with it.

Learn more about Stephanie Sanders' career journey in her Sidebars podcast episode, "Mastering Authenticity Without a Plan."

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