Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Solutions Integrated Service

Historically, Kilpatrick has advised clients on environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues through established practices in environmental and energy, corporate governance, government enforcement and investigations, and other well-established teams. Kilpatrick now provides an integrated ESG service offering to further assist our clients in developing an ESG program that will help them design, implement, monitor and improve ESG initiatives and efforts.

Kilpatrick is not only positioned to assist clients with complying with existing laws, regulations and contractual obligations, but has the insight to provide strategic, forward-looking advice to assist clients in implementing practical solutions to navigate the complex, evolving nature of ESG obligations and risks. We understand that not all ESG topics are relevant or material to every company, and that there is no “one size fits all” answer. We use a risk-based, cost-effective, and tailored approach so clients can address ESG issues according to their needs, no matter where they are in their ESG journey.

With relationships and experience working with top technical experts, our integrated, collaborative, and multidisciplinary team is well-positioned to assist clients to develop ESG strategies to reduce risk, ensure compliance, protect their reputation and brand, enhance resiliency, and achieve long-term profitability and value creation.

Service Highlights

  • Non-financial disclosures, including mandatory and voluntary ESG disclosures and sustainability reporting.
  • Advising and supporting compliance with environmental regulations, including climate change, air emissions, water and waste.
  • Regulatory compliance and continued regulatory support.
  • Counsel on compliance and enforcement issues, including implementation, testing, conducting internal investigations, representing client in enforcement actions and overseeing corporate monitorships.
  • Governance and oversight, including collaborating with technical experts to identify and assess ESG risks and vulnerabilities.
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