Insights: News Charles Gray Named One of the Top Patent Attorneys of 2023

Shanghai Managing Partner Charles Gray was recently named one of the Top Patent Attorneys of 2023 by Patexia.

Throughout the study period spanning from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2022, Patexia observed a total of 30,777 active registered patent attorneys and agents. These skilled professionals hail from 3,429 patent firms, representing 130,458 assignees from both the United States and abroad. Patexia's evaluation of these attorneys encompassed their performance and activity across three distinct categories: overall, high-tech, and biotech. To facilitate this assessment, over 20 different indicators and their respective weights were considered.

The complete list comprises some of the finest patent attorneys who have demonstrated outstanding performance or activity over the past five years. Securing a rank within the top 1000 marks their membership in the top three percentile among the currently active pool of 30,777 patent attorneys.

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