Insights: Perspective Kilpatrick Townsend Veterans Day 2020 | James Maune, Navy

My service in the United States Navy helped to shape the person I am today, both personally and professionally. That experience and the values I learned in the Navy made me a better attorney and a better person. 

For example, I learned how important it is to take care of your people.  Whether it’s the people you serve with or the clients you serve, the people you work with or your friends and loved ones, make sure you look out for them, support them, and let them know you care.  That goes the same for your community.

The Navy also taught me that we all make mistakes, but only a person with integrity owns up to them.  I gained valuable perspective by working with diverse group of talented people from all around the country. Even though we came from very different backgrounds we learned that we could work well together because we were united in a common cause.

I carry that experience and those values with me every day in my career as an attorney. Service is still my driving motivation, and I know that my success depends on my ability to serve my clients to the best of my ability.

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